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Farm Life

Well... We have made our farm purchase. Now.. The real work begins. Looking forward to it and bringing my family back to small Kentucky farm living. We look forward to becoming apart of the Cave City community. A charming Kentucky town that is seeing new life and business. MFC is now distributing the "SharkTank" product the Tree-T-Pee. An amazing water and fertiliization device.

Tha journey begins!

Modern Farm Concepts

Glad to see ..the doors are finally open! The shop is fully stocked and ready to go for the indoor season. MFC is open 10am - 6pm Monday-Friday.

Why do without fresh organic veggies just because fall is closing in.

Come by and pick up a complete hydroponic system and take your food back. "Know your food!"

Maybe a light is shining!

It has been a hard road traveled ....trying to get into the Kentucky hemp business. In fact, it has been a real chore. Finally ...finally a little light is shining. Stay tuned for the shimmering details......... ..

No rest for the wicked...Nah...I say for the motivated.

I sit here typing after a horrible night of no sleep...I mean! Tossing and turning and hurting. I sit at 5:30 am typing because for some reason I can not get my mind off of how things are changing with cannabis. As anyone knows who reads (or quickly will) this I am a supporter of cannabis. I do not believe it is a drug. I believe politicians scared of the hippie movement along with tobacco and cotton growers forced the hand of making it a schedule 1 drug. I believe that slowly the curtain is being pulled away from this miraculous plant and finally the truth is coming out. Now... I have not always felt this way. In fact, just a few months ago I was strongly against that little green devil weed. Then came the awakening! I was cruising thru the internet and wondered upon a trailer for the documentary Charlotte's Web and Zaki's Journey. The story of two very brave yet sick children that where slowly being destroyed by modern medicine and epilepsy.. The cannabis plant saved these children as well as their parents. Anyway..this motivated me... I can not seem to read enough and study enough on this mysterious plant. Here I set my mind a racing and thinking were is it going to next!

Happiness to you and yours


I think I am getting old....

Had a four day weekend this past weekend and spent it "round" the house. Spent the whole time (except for one motorcycle ride) with my wife building a beautiful place of relaxation. Now... I must admit there were some different varieties of beer floating around the whole time. I must admit I may be getting old because their is nothing that I would rather do is to hang out with my baby, plant some flowers and makes Modern Farm Concepts amazingly beautiful.

This coupled with the fact that I would rather hang out with all my boys than anybody. Also...there is usually different different varieties of beer here as well. No...we don't drink all the time (in case your wondering) but life is short and not always sweet better enjoy the sweet ones...and that I do...Yep...that I do.

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